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How long will a cap/crown last?

Caps (also known as dental crowns) can last a long time if properly cared for and maintained. However, if a patient neglects their oral hygiene, the longevity of a cap decreases dramatically. Therefore, when we place a dental crown or cap in our Logansport dental office, we will offer you advice on how to best care for your cap and keep your teeth healthy.

Tips for Getting a Longer Life Out of Your Crown

For the most part, you can care for a crown or cap the same way you care for your natural teeth. However, we do have a few tips to help you extend the lifespan of your crown. 

Avoid Hard, Chewy, and Sticky Foods

Hard, chewy, and sticky foods can adhere to or fracture your crown. Once a crown has been damaged, we may need to replace it, depending on the severity of the damage. Avoiding these foods can also help protect your natural teeth, which are prone to decay when exposed to some chewy foods, like sugary caramel.

Follow a Good Oral Hygiene Routine

Your brushing and flossing routine contributes significantly to your overall oral health, and with better oral health, your dental crown will last longer. While your dental crown can’t decay, the tooth beneath it can, and if that happens, we’ll need to remove the crown to treat the issue. It’s also possible for food debris to become trapped between your gumline and the crown. For the best chance at long-lasting dental work, develop a good oral hygiene schedule at home and visit the dentist for regular dental cleanings and exams.

Dental Crowns in Logansport

In our 46947 area dental office, we place functional, natural-looking dental implants to restore patients’ smiles. In addition, Dr. Travis Parker and Dr. Esi Parker will help you keep your dental crowns and natural teeth in good condition for as long as possible.

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