Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry is the practice of maintaining healthy teeth and gums. This includes your at-home oral hygiene routine along with regular dental exams and cleanings at Parker Family Dentistry. Preventive dentistry also includes fluoride treatments and dental sealants, which protect your teeth from cavities. 

We strongly encourage our patients to engage in preventive dentistry for the sake of their oral health and to keep serious dental issues from developing down the line. You will save time spent in the dental chair with preventive measures, and you’ll save money on complex dental treatments.

How to Keep Your Teeth Healthy

When you visit our team at Parker Family Dentistry, we will advise you on the best techniques for brushing and flossing, and we will answer any questions you have about oral healthcare. We love educating our patients on maintaining optimal oral health, so we urge you to express any concerns during your appointment.

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy great oral health:

Stay Dedicated to a Good Oral Hygiene Routine

The best oral health requires commitment. You must brush your teeth at least twice a day every day, and you must floss a minimum of once every day. It’s also important to brush and floss thoroughly and for the right amount of time. 

We recommend brushing your teeth for at least two minutes during each session. You should gently move the brush over your upper and lower teeth, being careful not to miss any surface areas. Don’t forget to brush the inside surface areas as well as the outside!

Also, always brush your gumline to remove any food particles or bacteria trapped between your gums and teeth. When flossing, do so thoroughly, taking the time to reach every nook and cranny. 

Schedule Professional Dental Cleanings in Logansport

Since most patients can’t remove all the plaque and tartar from their teeth with a toothbrush and floss alone, it’s vital that you schedule bi-yearly dental cleanings and exams with Parker Family Dentistry. 

Our experienced hygienist can give you a meticulous but gentle cleaning that will leave your teeth smooth and clean. 

Eat a Healthy Diet

Your diet affects your teeth and gums, so you should try to eat as healthily as possible, avoiding sugary foods and drinks that could damage your tooth enamel. Crunchy fruits and vegetables make a better snack for your teeth and your overall health!

Start Preventive Care at a Young Age

Our Parker Family Dentistry team loves getting to know our patients over time, and one of our favorite aspects of dentistry is watching the young patients who visit us grow into happy, healthy adult smiles!

We recommend bringing your child to their first dental appointment as soon as their first tooth appears. That way, they can begin building a good relationship with our dental office early on, and we can teach them how to care for their teeth and gums as they grow.

With these early visits, you can teach your child the importance of good oral hygiene, which is a gift that will keep on giving for the rest of their lives. 

Schedule Your Dental Cleaning in Logansport

Contact Parker Family Dentistry today to book a dental cleaning and exam. Dr. Travis Parker and Dr. Esi Parker enjoy meeting new patients, and they look forward to helping you and your family achieve outstanding oral health.