How to Easily Straighten Crooked, Spaced, or Misaligned Teeth

Straightening crooked, spaced, or misaligned teeth has never been easier than it is today. Advances and technologies have made straightening teeth more affordable and discreet than ever before. And financing options are more flexible and accessible than they are today.

So, if you are self-conscious about your smile because of crooked, spaced, or misaligned teeth, now is the best time than ever before to get them straightened.

The Real Cost of Crooked, Spaced, or Misaligned Teeth

The real cost of crooked, spaced, or misaligned teeth includes damaged relationships, lost job opportunities, and significant health risks.

Hiding your smile sends the wrong message at home, at work, and in romantic settings. It tells people you are not interested in them and not confident in yourself. It makes you come across as an unhappy person. That can lead to fractured friendships, missing out on opportunities to advance in your career, and lost romantic opportunities.

The cost of crooked, spaced, or otherwise misaligned teeth also includes other health issues that crooked teeth cause. If misalignment makes it hard for you to clean your teeth properly, plaque builds up and food gets stuck between your teeth. That leads to cavities, severe tooth decay, gum disease, periodontal disease, TMJ, jawbone loss, and other painful issues that can be very costly to fix.

At Parker Family Dentistry, we believe everybody deserves a perfect smile. That is why we offer a full range of teeth straightening solutions to our patients. We also offer a free, no-pressure teeth-straightening consultation to help you understand all your options and which would work best for you.

The Simple and Perfect Solution

While we offer a full range of teeth-straightening options, for many patients, braces are the best choice. Unlike other options, braces are a complete solution no matter how crooked or misaligned your teeth may be. They can fix the most severe cases of misalignment to get you the perfectly-straight smile you deserve. And advances in technologies have made them more discrete and comfortable than ever before. Other options fix only certain teeth or only mild to moderate bite issues. Some can even cause significant damage to your mouth.

To help you make the best choice possible, schedule your free, no-obligation teeth-straightening consultation using the form below. We will examine your mouth, answer any questions you have, and analyze insurance and financing options to help you afford whatever treatment is best for you.

If braces are best and you decide to move forward, the process is quick and painless. It takes only between one and two hours from start to finish. Once you are comfortable, we will attach small brackets to your teeth. We will then insert a small wire to connect the brackets and gently tighten the wire so your braces can start guiding your teeth into perfect alignment. Every four to six weeks, we will adjust your braces slightly again to continue to straighten your teeth until you have the full, straight smile you deserve.

How Much Does It Cost?

Out-of-pocket costs for braces or any other teeth-straightening options depend on your specific needs and whether any insurance is available to help. We will walk you through all your options during your free, no-obligation teeth-straightening consultation. If you need help fitting your treatment into your budget, our finance experts will show you several, flexible financing options.