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Do you have laughing gas?

Yes, we offer laughing gas, also known as nitrous oxide, for FREE for your comfort and to relieve anxiety. 

We understand that dental visits often make patients nervous, and some people even suffer from terrible dental anxiety. However, laughing gas allows most patients to relax during their dental procedures, so you never have to delay dental treatment due to nervousness.

Gentle Dentists in Logansport

At Parker Family Dentistry, we’re a compassionate team, and we believe that every patient deserves to be treated as we would treat our own friends and family. With that in mind, we’ll make every effort to create an environment where you feel fully confident in your dental care.

To make your experience outstanding, we offer amenities like neck pillows, blankets, and televisions in our exam and procedure rooms, which can help you stay distracted and comforted during treatment.

Laughing Gas Dentistry in Logansport

We encourage you to discuss any feelings of anxiety with us before we begin your dental treatment. Dental anxiety affects millions of people, and you should never feel embarrassed or hesitant to speak to our friendly team about it.

Dr. Esi Parker and Dr. Travis Parker treat anxious patients every day, and they’re here to help you through every procedure. Whether you need to talk about the procedure to better process how we’re helping you or just need to take a deep breath, we understand. 

Call today to schedule your dental care with a caring and compassionate team. 

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