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How long will this procedure last?

This question is not an easy one as there are many variables. Some procedures are straightforward, such as fillings and crowns, allowing us to offer an accurate time frame for the procedure. However, that time frame will depend on your unique dental situation, how many fillings or crowns we are placing, and other factors. 

Some other treatments, like root canals and surgeries, are even more complicated when it comes to pinning down a specific time frame. However, Our dentists are efficient and prompt with every treatment, and we will make sure your procedure is completed promptly while providing you with the best results.

We will also ensure that you’re comfortable throughout the procedure, no matter how long the procedure is scheduled to take. We offer neck pillows, blankets, and television to patients to make your time in our office relaxing. 

Fast, High-Quality Dentistry in Logansport

Our dedicated team works together seamlessly to streamline your dental appointments, saving you time whenever possible. To make your check-in process quicker, you can fill out any necessary forms online in advance. 

We welcome your questions and invite you to call our office with any concerns before or after your procedure. Dr. Esi Parker and Dr. Travis Parker provide top-notch dental care at Parker Family Dentistry and treat their patients like family. We look forward to helping you with your dental care.

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