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How can I replace my missing teeth?

At Parker Family Dentistry, we have several ways to replace missing teeth. Some are permanent, while others are removable. 

Permanent Tooth Replacement Options

If you would like to permanently replace your missing teeth, we have the solutions you need. We provide both dental implants and bridges as permanent tooth replacement options. 

A dental implant is the most natural tooth replacement option available, and for that reason, it’s a top choice for many dentists when making recommendations to a patient. We place the titanium dental implant into your jaw, where it fuses with your jawbone. This process, known as osseointegration, encourages healthy bone growth in the jaw. No other tooth replacement includes this benefit.

We place a bridge when a patient has some healthy, strong teeth remaining. The bridge “bridges” the gap between your healthy, natural teeth, filling the space that missing teeth have left.

Removable Tooth Replacement Options

Our Parker Family Dentistry team creates both partial and full dentures for our patients. Dentures provide the most economical choice for tooth replacement for most patients. They are also comfortable, have an attractive appearance, and patients can remove them for cleaning and while sleeping.

Tooth Replacement in Logansport

Our dentists, Dr. Esi Parker and Dr. Travis Parker, will thoroughly examine your oral health and other factors before recommending a tooth replacement in the Logansport area. To get started on the path toward a complete, healthy smile, reach out to Parker Family Dentistry today.

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