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November 29, 2021
Posted By: Parker Family Dentistry
Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas) | Dentist in Logansport IN

Picture this, you just arrived at the dentist's office for a check-up for your four-year-old. This is their first dental visit, and you are a little nervous. The dentist arrives, does the checkup, and informs you that your child has two cavities that are getting large and need to be addressed. You start to worry because getting shots at the medical doctor was not an enjoyable time. You wish there were a way to take care of them without them experiencing pain, even no shots. Well is there?? Let's find out! 

Traditional Method

The traditional method of fixing cavities is using an anesthetic (shot) to numb the tissue and tooth. After the tooth is numb a drill is used to remove the cavity. Then a filling is placed, adjusted, and you are on your way. The problem, shots do not feel good no matter how old you are. However, for a four-year-old it's scary and can be traumatic to get a shot. Making the event as less traumatic as possible such as distraction tactics like watching movies/tv shows, wiggling toes, and counting.

Nitrous Oxide(Laughing Gas)

Laughing gas (Nitrous Oxide) can reduce a lot of stress for a child. Laughing gas reduces anxiety, makes you feel calm, relaxed, reduces pain threshold, and is very safe. Most children it makes them feel like they are floating on the clouds and give them the giggles hence the name. When administered this also decreases pain, so children do not experience any pain when getting dental work. 

Dental Anticipation

Typically, anticipation of pain and something miserable makes the experience more painful and worse. If the child has been told it will be painful, they will have it in their minds that it will hurt before they have even experienced it. They will usually cry, be scared, scream, and will close their mouth. A way to prevent this is by providing positive experience by saying it is easy and nothing to worry about. If they see their sister, brother, or parent having a positive experience, it will make the appointment go smoother.

SMART Silver Modified Filling

What the world is that? A SMART filling is when a cavity to be filled without drilling or shots. Sounds great doesn’t it!! The secret behind this is the use of Silver Diamine Fluoride, a relatively new technology that is has a antimicrobial effect on cavities. Depending on the size of the cavity SDF can be placed on the cavity and then two weeks later a filling that contains fluoride is placed. No drill, no shots, or pain is experienced. These fillings can last until the baby tooth is exfoliated.


Laughing gas is a great asset that can prevent anxiety, reduce pain, and increase relaxation. Showing a positive experience from family members can prevent the anticipation of a painful event. SMART Fillings are a great way to fill cavities, without the pain associated with shots.

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