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Do I Really Need a Crown (Cap)?

October 6, 2021
Posted By: Parker Family Dentistry

Have you ever wondered why a dentist recommends a crown? Are they trying to scam me? Why can't they just put a filling? Let's delve into whether that crown is necessary. 

What's a Dental Crown?

A crown(cap) is like a snug hardhat sitting on your head. Crowns protect/restore damaged teeth that are broken and cracked from decay. Picture this your working construction, and Bam, smack in the head from a falling rock. Your head was protected. No damage! Aren't you glad you had that hardhat? Now picture a tooth with a large filling and cracks. You're eating your favorite lunch, that amazing peanut butter and jelly sandwich just like your mom used to make (Question before we continue why is it when we make that sandwich it just doesn't taste the same as moms? Hmm, must be the love she put into it anyway, back to the story) Bam! Something seems a little extra crunchy. Oh no, here comes the pain, and the dentist says we need to remove the tooth. Now, if that tooth would've had a crown, it would have been protected, right? Just like the hard hat.

Is a Tooth Crown Always Necessary?

No, a crown isn't always necessary if the cracks, cavity, or filling isn't too big. If they are small enough and the foundation is stable, a filling will suffice and last a long time. However, having a dentist evaluate to make sure the tooth is doing ok is vital to the longevity of teeth. Teeth can only take so many fillings and cracks before the foundation starts to crumble and needs a permanent solution – a cap.

The Verdict on Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a predictable say way to fix cracked or decayed teeth but not always necessary. However, depending on the severity, you should have your dentist determine if a crown is needed or not. The last thing you want is tooth pain leading to the dreaded root canal.

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