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4 Proven Ways to Avoid Red Wine and Coffee Stains for Your Teeth

September 6, 2021
Posted By: Parker Family Dentistry

Life would not be complete (or how would we function) without coffee and red wine. Picture this, you just asked out the woman of your dreams for a Friday night date and OMG! She said yes.

It's finally Friday after work and you are getting ready. You put on your nice pants, that button-down shirt, your sports jacket, and your nice cologne. You glace at the mirror and say, "Man, I look good."

However, you smile in the mirror to check your teeth and, "Oh my goodness, my teeth look so yellow and stained."

You brush them, but nothing is changing, and you're freaking out and then, aha! You remember we wear masks, and I can hide behind that all night.

We cannot wear masks forever. Eventually, someone will see that yellow stain. If you want to prevent stained teeth but enjoy the essentials of life (coffee and red wine), read on.

Tip #1 Drink Water after Consumption 

Water is a fantastic way to prevent those stubborn stains. By drinking water after consuming red wine or coffee it washes them away. Preventing them from being able to cause those stubborn stains. Drinking coffee all morning, for example, your teeth are just basking in it, allowing stains to form.

Tip #2 Brush Your Teeth after 30 Minutes to One Hour

People believe that if I brush my teeth after I drink red wine or coffee, that will remove the stain. True, this does help but should not be done immediately after consumption. 
When we consume acidic drinks like coffee or wine, it weakens the white part of our tooth called enamel. By having all that acid in our mouths and brushing immediately after we are scrubbing the acid into our teeth, which weakens the tooth. Over time this can lead to loss of enamel, which, unfortunately, we cannot get back.

The trick is brushing 30 minutes to one hour after consumption. By this time, saliva has removed most of the acid and brushing now will just remove the stain and not scrub the acid into our teeth.

Tip #3 Visit the Dentist Regularly

Visiting your dentist regularly is essential for not only removing stains but keeping a healthy mouth. During your dental visit, the hygienist with remove the buildup off your teeth and polish the stain away, leading back to those shiny, pearly whites. Also, coming for regular checkups can prevent cavities, which are dark stains that need fillings to remove.

Tip #4 Whiten Your Teeth Professionally

Sometimes brushing and visiting the dentist alone will not remove the stain. Undergoing whitening treatment can remove those stains and bring those pearly whites back. 
Whitening products from your local store can bleach your teeth; however, they are often not strong enough to remove deep stains. Professional products from the dentist are much stronger and can achieve the smile you deserve. Ask your dentist which product works best for you!

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